• Our People

    Mar 26 2015

    Our people are the foundation and backbone of our organisation. Each one, well trained and proficient in his/her responsibility. PBS Technology Group can boast of having 640 experts in the field of Information and Communication Technology. It is this expertise which differentiates us from our competitors and defines us to our clients. PBS Technology Group is the recipient of over 100 international certifications from professional organizations and our business partners.

    PBS Technology Group also places a lot of emphasis on culture, fit and workplace comfort. At a recently held award ceremony in Trinidad & Tobago, it was noted that 81 employees received awards for being employed with the organisation, within the last 10 to 35 years. This level of loyalty and commitment in a staff of 320 (Trinidad Office), is a demonstration of the successful human resource practices that have allowed us to become leaders in our industry.

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