• Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

    Mar 26 2015

    Our Vision:

    PBS intends to be the preferred business partner for the integration of technology and solutions to customers, allowing them to be more efficient in their business processes, improving the quality of their products and services. To achieve this, our companies have a talented group of passionate and ethical employees committed to excellence and are proud to be part of our organization. We act with a clear sense of responsibility on the company's asset under their care. To meet the needs of our customers and shareholders, we operate under an approach that promotes a culture of organizational execution alignment.

    Our Mission:

    We are a multinational organization with presence in Central America and the Caribbean, committed to our clients. We work with exceptional human capital.

    • We represent the technology industry leaders, to provide the best service in the market.
    • We provide our shareholders a consistent return on investment.
    • We focus on social and environmental responsibility.

    Core Values:

    • Passion: Total delivery in everything we do
    • Customer Service: To delight our customers and exceed their expectations
    • Discipline: The primary factor that allows us to make things happen
    • Teamwork: We work together in everything we do
    • Continuous Improvement: We Strive for excellence in everything we are and do
    • Reliability: We must build confidence and certainty at all times
    • Winning Attitude: We are motivated by short -term victories while persevering in achieving long-term goals
    • Respect for Individuals: Guarantee justice and fairness to all stakeholders, internal and external
    • Communication: To have the best communication ever with our customers so we can always understand their needs
    • Flexibility & Innovation: The ability to adapt to the needs of our internal and external customers
    • Humility & Spirit of Service: We need these qualities to improve our working environment everyday
    • Integrity: We are consistent in what we talk and do

    These values are inherent in who we are and in who we commit to be as we journey towards our vision.

    For further information please contact us at:
    Email: marketing@pbstechgroup.com