• About Us

    Mar 26 2015

    We're in the business of Information and Technology Communications - products, services and solutions that help to effectively manage, develop and troubleshoot businesses.

    For almost five decades, PBS Technology Group and our founding companies have pioneered the field of Information Technology and Communications in the Region. We design, implement and maintain systems that allow our customers to exploit technology and achieve quantifiable improvement in business efficiency.

    Today, PBS Technology Group is helping more governments and businesses in the region to become more information-driven, than any other Caribbean-based IT company. Our vision, expertise and formidable network of global partners, both empower and enable our clients to combine the essentials of operational effectiveness with the information and agility required for strategic positioning in a dynamic environment.

    Driven by passion and focused on delivery, we work side by side with our customers to provide best-of-breed, best-fit solutions to current business problems while anticipating future needs for technological expertise and innovation.

    Our range of offerings includes:

    IT Solution Sales:

    • Oracle Enterprise Solutions - training, implementation
    • and support.
    • Financial Services Solutions.
    • Servers and Storage Solutions.
    • Enterprise Content Management Solutions.
    • Industry-specific Solutions: Government, Energy, Retail and Hospitality.
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    Business Products:

    • Desktops, Tablets, Notebooks and peripherals.
    • Office/Classroom Virtualisation Solutions
    • Multi-functional Devices-copier, fax machine, printer
    • Managed Print Services.
    • Security Equipment.

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    Business Communications:

    • SurePay Electronic Payment System.
    • LAN Infrastructure amd Network Security.
    • Wireless Broadband (WAN) and Corporate ISP.
    • Voice and Data Networks.
    • PBX/IP Telephony.
    • Two-way Radio.
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    Project Services:

    • Inventory and Information Management.
    • Project Coordination and Administration.
    • ICT Strategy Consulting.
    • Business Transformation Management.
    • Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning.

    Project Services

    Technical Support Services:

    • Post-implementation Support.
    Technical Support Services

    For further information please contact us at :
    Email: marketing.infocom@massytechnologies.com